Panduit WGINTSPLBL Wyr-Grid® Intersection Splice Connector. used for cable routing systems to quickly join Wyr-Grid® Pathways at intersections. It measures 3.01 inches H x 3.32 inches L x 1.35 inches W (76.4mm x 81.3mm x 34.2mm). Three pieces are needed to create a tee or right-angle intersection.

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different with wire basket has a sidewall that must be removed to significantly reduce the strength of the product. The downward sidewall of the PANDUIT Wyr-Grid® Cable Tray allows intersections to be constructed without sidewall removal, maintaining the integrity of the tray. The safe working load (SWL) is the evenly distributed load at which the transverse deflection of the cable tray is less than 1/100th of the span between supports in the longitudinal direction. Furthermore, the transverse deflection at the SWL must be less than 1/20th of the cable tray width at the SWL.

Panduit WGINTSPLBL Specifications

Application Quickly Joins Wyr-Grid® Pathways at all Intersections
Color Black
Finish/Coating Black Powder-Coated
For Use With Wyr-Grid® Pathways
Material Steel
Number of Pieces 3
Overall Height (In.) 3.01
Overall Height (mm) 76.4
Overall Length (In.) 3.2
Overall Length (mm) 81.3
Overall Width (In.) 1.35
Overall Width (mm) 34.2
Sub Brand Wyr-Grid®
Product Type Splice Connector
Standards Met RoHS Compliant


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