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Introducing FPS-ENP INDONESIA The Solution Distributor From humble beginnings in the mid-year 2011, PT FPS-ENP INDONESIA has been trusted to be a distributor PANDUIT Brand. FPS-ENP INDONESIA has made great inroads to become a dependable Total Solution Distributor of hassle-free datacentres built on solid critical infrastructure layers. FPS today has grown to become a name synonymous with the high-tech industry in Indonesia, expanding in parallel with the advent of Indonesian’s IT industry boom. FPS has been providing clients with a Total Datacentre Solution, offering full range of customized, quality products and services. Our tremendous growth is strongly supported by the partnership and collaboration established with the wide resources of top IT resellers in end-to-end storage, computing, network and applications solutions. Our clients comprise key private and public business sectors, i.e. telecommunications, banking and finance, education, electronics manufacturing, healthcare, e-business, smart cities, green developers, government-listed companies, government ministries and departments. FPS offers a team of experienced solution architects dedicated to providing full technical-operations support to resellers. We are committed to add business value to our resellers’ portfolio by designing a customized and dependable datacentre requirement for all small, medium and/or large enterprises. Read on to discover how FPS can help provide your company with the competitive edge to business growth and profitability by creating a stable and secure datacentre solution.



These Values Are ;

⊕   Passion For Customer Satisfaction

We passionately on exceeding customer expectations, we recognize the linkage between customer satisfaction and company success.

⊕    High Performance Culture

We achieve superior result through a continuous learning, high performance culture, where individual and team contributions are valued and recognize, and where people can make a difference.

⊕   Innovation

We deliver best quality products and services, rapidly adapting latest technologies into ways that benefit and delight our customers.

⊕   Adaptability To Change

We continuously re-invent ourselves to be an adaptable and agile organization, where we think and act with a sense of urgency in the face of changing technologies, customer needs and business requirments.


⊕   Integrity

We earn the trust of customers, shareholders, fellow employees business partners and community by being commitded to the highest standart of ethics, honesty, and integrity.

⊕   Accountability

We accept personal accountability for our actions, doing what we say we will do, and honoring our commitments.

⊕   Corporate Citizenship

As a corporate citizen, we strive to be an economic, intellectual and social asset in the communities where we operate.

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